Many people like to try out different hairstyles but often restrain due to their low volume of hair on the scalp. But this need not be the case as there are many types of hair extensions and wigs available in the market that just offers you a natural and luscious hairstyle of your choice. Most of the countries import human hair to make these hair extensions and wigs. India is one popular country that has the best virgin hair suppliers who source the hair from temples and export to different parts across the globe. The human hair supplies in India like Hair Exim participates in the government hair auctions conducted for the temple hair and sources the best quality that shall be cleaned and dried before being exported. In this manner the company gets best quality virgin hair of all kinds as different people come and sacrifice their hair to the diet in the temple. You can make the best virgin Indian hair extensions that blend well with the natural hair and are also maintenance free and can be taken care just like the original hair.

The human hair supplies in India bring you different types of hairs like raw Indian virgin straight, wavy machine wefting or waving bundles, curly hair, grey hair and many more for you to make a choice. Having years of experience in collecting hair they ensure that the cuticles are not stripped off and are aligned in a single direction that gives a natural look to the hair. Once the hair is collected t is washed with organic natural herbal shampoos and dried naturally before being packed for export. The hair is graded based on the quality and according to which the price varies. The hair undergoes quality control test to ensure it meets the set standards for elasticity, strength, moisture retention, consistency and strength. Every hair from Hair Exim is 100% natural and sold without any chemical processing or mixing of synthetic hair. The international clients can place their order for weft hair, single drawn remy hair, non-remy hair, barber cutting hair and many more based on their requirements.

One can place their order online to Hair Exim and can go through their hair collection and processing before being exported to them. The prices are very competitive and the quality is undoubtedly the best from the human hair supplies in India.

Hairexim is a professional supplier in the human hair field who is capable of designing and producing virgin indian hair extensions. We are also providing a wide range of Indian body wave hair extensions in India at reasonable prices. For more info about us, please do visit us online

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