Today, there are plenty of products available on the market which can be classified as smart home devices. All these products provide some fundamental functionalities of home automation like lighting or temperature control. However, there are some home automation brands in the market like Crestron or Control4 which can be considered as complete smart home systems. Both these systems can offer complete automation and control over your home security system, thermostats, lighting, Audio Video, and more. So, which one is best for you? Let’s find out.


The Control4 UI is designed for effortlessness. It’s easy to understand and use, leveraging big icons for every category.
Crestron has two versions of GUI. One is a standard version, and the other is an advanced custom version. The custom version of the Crestron GUI is highly customizable. Crestron dealers are given training on the Crestron GUI development by the company itself. As a result, Crestron dealers have complete control over the GUI.


Control4 and Crestron both tie into the security system so you could arm or disarm the security using control panel or an app. These also support camera DVRs, cameras, as well as electronic door locks. At present, Control4 has slight advantage in total electronic door lock alternatives supported well and completely integrated into the interface.


Control4 comes with TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Deezer, Napster & Tidal and all are natives of each Control4 system. For people who make use of Spotify, you can get a particular interface to allow Spotify which is a bit different.

In contrast, Crestron doesn’t have any native streaming services incorporated. Instead, the most Crestron systems are associated with third-party solutions like Autonomics. The advantage to that is when you incorporate a third-party system; you may get additional services with other benefits. The downside of that is the usability and interface depend greatly on how good integrator programmer you have.


Depending on which features you choose, pricing can be anywhere from £800 to more than £40,000. Control4 prices varies based on the customer. Crestron is relatively expensive system. Price starts from around £1700 and can be more than £150,000.

How to Choose the Best Smart Home System for Your Home?

It completely depends on the individual’s requirements and expertise of your dealer. Both Control4 and Crestron are highly sophisticated home automation systems which will make your life safer and fun-to-live. While selecting one of them for your home, you should first find out what you need. Whichever company can deliver those services, you should pick that. Or contact a home automation company, if you are in London then contact AVITHA. The company holds dealership of both Crestron and Control4 and offer free consultation service.