New York, USA — October 30 2018 — International Business Times is a blog that covers all of the interesting information on that is new on technology. Many people from all over the globe are going to this site every day as to find out what is new for their computers and mobile devices and how to upgrade them in the best way when the time has come for that. Google is one of the biggest companies on the planet and it has grown out of proportions just a few decades ago.

The internet has changed the landscape of business and Google is the biggest company that has resulted out of this outcome. Collaborative Editing is something that people wanted right from the 90s when Microsoft has come up with the Word text editor for their Office Suite. New Updated Google Docs offers just that and makes the dream come true for millions of people. Perhaps the best thing that is the result of this outcome is that the suite comes for free. Back in the day Microsoft’s Office suite cost a lot and not too many people could afford it.

Times have changed and thanks to the fact that we are now the product that Google uses then we can use their services free of charge. When we need something that is out there on the web then we give Google their money by using ads on their page. This way Collaborative Editing makes it all great by letting people cooperate on the same document and upgrade it in the right way while retaining a sense of control. IBT has covered all of the aspects that have been added to the system and have always gone through the problems that have arisen from this upgrade.

More info on the New Updated Google Docs can already be read on the International Business Times web site and there is amazing possibilities that are involving the possibility for a brighter future for the writers that are working together on a text. Before, one had to send the document via e-mail and get it several hours later at best — now both of them can work in real time over the same document while seeing the changes as they happen. Collaborative Editing is a new kind of magic that has been possible only thanks to the internet and the possibilities that come with this update towards the long standing system.

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