Be Unique Hospitality
Office No. 72, Oasis Centre Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, U.A.E

Tel: +971 4 380 1057

With three decades of experience, Be Unique Hospitality is a premier restaurant consultancy firm in the U.A.E. A pioneer in its field, they are the complete consultancy hospitality company for leisure, and food and beverage industries.

Be Unique Hospitality is a much sought after restaurant consultant in Dubai to help improve the standing of former restaurants, and give new ones an opportunity to enhance their brand name within a competitive industry. Many restaurants struggle in their first year of operation, so it makes sense to turn for help to a professional consultancy firm that knows the ins and outs of the industry and will help improve the current situation. A restaurant consultancy firm is responsible for outlining the best guidelines to not just offer comprehensive advice but to visit the restaurant and play a significant role in providing a practical solution that will help the restaurant stay ahead of the rest of their competitors.

Be Unique Hospitality has a team of highly competent consultants that specialize in new recruit hiring, training, designing restaurant concepts, creating business plans, menu engineering and creating a successful advertising strategy. With the right expertise and experience in the hospitality industry, they offer struggling restaurants advice and guidance to turn things around. Their objective is to bring long term profitability and sustainability to restaurateurs.

The Director of Be Unique Hospitality stated that, “With over thirty years in the hospitality industry, there is really not much we don’t know about restaurant success. We are happy to continue to work as a renowned consultancy firm and offer restaurateurs the best possible advice and solutions”. He further noted, “We are dedicated to our clients’ success. And we create projects that exceed expectations and maximize profits. We provide immediate steps and follow-through strategy to amend all problems with accuracy and precision”.

About Us
DB Hospitality is a high level restaurant consultancy firm in the U.A.E and Asia with decades of experience in helping turn the tide of restaurant profitability. We have worked with diverse clients from all walks of life, and specialize in offering practical solutions to bars, spas, hotels, cafes and restaurants. We are there from beginning to end in the successful turnaround of an old restaurant or the starting point of a new restaurant. Our work has involved writing the business plan, designing the restaurant concept, menu engineering and all the way to recruitment and implementation. For more information, visit our website at