Our whole universe is widely connected with cell phones and bulk text SMS is rapidly becoming a popular choice for business owners to keep up with customers. People are now inseparable from their mobile phones so it easier to send text messages which they will read immediately rather than those long emails which might get seen later or might not see sometimes.

Timing matters for SMS marketing campaigns
Timing is crucial, timing is virtue and timing is everything when it comes to Bulk SMS marketing. It is really important to find out the best time to send text messages for marketing. This is required to predict the response level of the consumers on the campaigns. Also always try to shoot it out on the best day of the week even at the right time of the day to reach out your buyers because might get not active in office hours, early mornings etc. No matter how much effect you have created your SMS but it gets fail if it is not sent at the right time. Weekends are perfect to send reminders of appointments, events on forthcoming days.

Timing varies for various businesses
The needs of each business are unique. For owners and marketers, one of the most overlooked pitfalls is when they need to send out their promotional campaign. Keep in mind that even people choose to opt-in for your SMS list that doesn’t mean they will happy if you send texts in the middle of the night or just as they get up from the bed. According to the rule of thumb, the best hours to shoot campaigns through Bulk SMS Gateway Provider platform is during normal business hours anywhere between 9am to 6pm.

For online food outlets – 3 pm to 5 pm will be the right time while thoughts are turning into dinner plans. An hour or before the general lunchtime is also the best if you have any lunch combo offer at your centers. While on Sundays, the early afternoon will be perfect to end customers weekend with lovely specials in food & beverages.

For the retail sector- Saturday would be the best time, while the weekend plans are in mind between 10 am to 1 pm. A special discounted deal or coupon code can bring magic to sales.

Also, with the personalized messages on birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day makes your customer happy. You must share deals of these special occasions to encourage them to come and visit our outlet or place.

In the banking sector, alerts & notifications can be sent anytime a day to keep the customers updated all the time.

An effective SMS coupon or offer works only at the right time. Unfortunately, there is no golden rule on the best time to shoot your campaigns, try to think about it logically. The above-mentioned timings would lead to the success of your campaign. As every business owner want responses and high encouragement on their marketing activities. There may be a chance of failure if you push your text messages at the bad timings.