For most guys choosing what socks to buy is not really a big ordeal, they generally buy the cheapest socks on the shelf. They may occasionally worry about whether or not they get the right size (based on shoe size) and whether or not they have the right type of socks to go with their sneakers and dress shoes or boots. For the married chances are pretty good that they are not buying their own socks anyways, it is more likely that their spouse is buying all of their clothes.

Merge4 Socks have a specialty line of socks that feature specialty decorated socks that focus on different seasonal occasions. Each one of the holiday seasons features a uniquely decorated pair of socks that have a color palette that fits in perfectly with the holiday season. Along with the colors, the unique graphic design also fits in perfectly with the color choices.

While the Merge4 collections special occasion socks may not fit in with guys, but if you man in your life who has a bit of wild streak, you may just have found the perfect gift for the man who has everything. The Ragnar Christmas Socks are an amazing pair of socks that will sure to fit perfectly in with the Christmas season.
Ragnar Christmas Socks

Thanks to how well the socks put together and the extra amount of cushioning and elasticity in the arch area Ragnar Christmas Socks are extremely comfortable. The combed cotton and terry looped construction of the sock creates an ultra-plush feel to the bottom of the sock. The upper portion of the sock has an athletic style ribbing and self-adjusting top cuff helps to keep the socks in place up on your leg for a longer period of time without falling down.

The blend of cotton to polyester is 42% to 48% with additional Lyra and nylon which helps to keep them looking great for many months to come. Since they are seasonal, the chances are really good that they will be around for many Christmas. The unique construction of the socks is what helps to keep the warmth in throughout the winter, much like a good pair of hunting socks does.

What makes the Ragnar Christmas Socks different from the other socks is the unique Christmas decoration that dominates the whole top part of the sock. It uses all of the traditional Christmas colors of red, black and green. Each of the socks alternates between being mostly green and the other sock would be mostly red. Not only the is the color different so is the design of the decoration on each of the socks.

Key Features of the Ragnar Christmas Socks

Made with a cotton and polyester blend fabric
Nylon and Lycra reinforced to give it a more secure fit
Extra cushioning in the heel and toe areas for comfort
Welded Cuff keeps it in place around your calf
Size: Medium 6 – 8.5, Large 9 – 12

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