Like Airbnb, Riffer is an online marketplace that, instead of providing lodging options, makes it simple to find the perfect musician to perform at your next event, with no membership costs. www.riffermusic.com is a site open to anyone planning an event that is in need of a musical performer; while frequent site visitors may include venue owners and professional event organizers, all are welcome to book using Riffer.
Upon entering the site, you will find a plethora of options in musicians. If you have a specific artist in mind, you will be able to type their name into the search bar. As long as they are a participant on Riffer, you will find them. Let’s say, though, you are a bar owner seeking out new talent. If you are known for hosting rock bands, you can simply filter your search by genre and get to scrolling. But, you actually need them pretty short notice, this coming Friday. Filter again, by date. Now, you need to make sure they play in your area; filter by location. Finally, is the band any good? Riffer even makes it possible to filter your search by review ratings.
Once you have decided on the band, solo artist, or DJ you think you would like to book, you want to be sure you actually like their music, right? When visiting an artists’ page on Riffer, you will find details about the artist(s), sample videos and clips of their music, and pricing information.
Riffer doesn’t just match site visitors with musicians, then leave you high-and-dry. Riffer also manages remuneration for you. When visiting an artists’ page on Riffer, you will find pricing information. If you decide to move forward, you will then front the payment on Riffer (put the money in escrow), proving to the artist you are able to pay. Note: there is a way to securely contact each other through the site if you have additional questions about pricing. Once the event is over, the musician will enter the site and request payment, then voila! There is no risk of one party cheating the other or having unclear agreements on pricing.
If something does go wrong the event is cancelled last minute due to bad weather, someone becomes ill, you aren’t happy with the performance, there are policies in place and Riffer does have staff ready to find solutions to all of these issues and any others that may arise. The goal of Riffer is to transform the music industry, making booking an event as easy as possible for both parties involved.

www.riffermusic.com is transforming the way musicians are booked. New to the scene, the creators of Riffer Music have plenty of vision for the future. Riffer is assisting artists with national and international travel, making live streaming of concerts to social media possible, simplifying the payment and management of royalties, and looking ahead at philanthropic opportunities.
Those planning a performance do not want to be restricted to musicians only in their general vicinity, and artists do not want to only be recognized in their hometown. Being a musician requires travel, not matter how stressful that may become. But what if Riffer Music could do its part to reduce the hassle? The creators of Riffer have partnerships with hostels around the world and are able to provide traveling musicians a free night!
Riffer Music provides live streaming options to any social sites, giving talent seekers the ability to truly experience a performance before booking, and artists the ability to promote themselves in the most transparent way possible. In addition, fans will be able to keep track of their favorite musicians, even when they can’t make it to the concert. Riffer Music is also the only platform that provides the opportunity to use Soundreef to pay royalty fees when organizing a gig. Check out www.soundreef.com for more information.
“Giving is not just about making a donation; it is about making a difference” (Kathy Calvin). Riffer Music believes in making a difference in the music world. The creators of Riffer Music are currently looking for investor support while striving to support others on a mission to make a difference: Musicians on Call, Playingforchange. Potential Riffer Music investors and musicians can contact Riffer Music at riffer.entertainment@gmail.com for more information or visit the Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign https://igg.me/at/riffermusic .