MsgClub is really excited to announce news for their unique voice SMS solutions. Voice SMS messaging and texting has revolutionized the services industry. Rather than using the manpower in conveying your information, it enables a system of interactive customer notifications over the phone. This decreases the functional costs and drive revenue but putting an additional customer service. We really want to offer the best solutions to our clients and customer satisfaction is the best strategy for our business.

Our voice SMS solutions are mainly used by the collection industry which revolves with labor and cost-intensive. Besides, it is quite difficult for team members and marketers to reach all your customers quickly and efficiently. A call center has a full-time workforce who works on fixed timings and successfully achieve given targets that cover a fraction of your database.

Bulk Voice SMS solutions allow marketers to reach out people in a single shot, rather than calling each and every individual. A company has complete tracking over the duration of the call. Also, it allows you to increase the working hours and cover a big portion of your consumer base. An automated interface has a retry mechanism to call a customer again when the call is not answered. Besides, it can be personalized as per your needs.

If you’re why it is a wondering solution for your company take a look at its amazing benefits-

Help you to increase the number of connected calls you make.
Reach out a large number of people personally.
Send out account updates to the large database.
A single pre-recorded message may convey your information to entire list in one go.
Send out timely reminders to customers.
Enable automated surveys and gather quality feedback from buyers.
Send out emergency alerts, season’s greetings, wishes and official updates directly on the device they’re using.

SMS broadcasting is very trendy nowadays. The software of bulk SMS services has same abilities as like voice SMS but it comes with an added benefit. Through it, a company owner or marketer can customize each and every SMS for an individual. This proves great beneficial for a collection company on several levels.

Send out past dues reminders.
Create a sense of personal touch by sending out customized messages.
Notify customers regarding documents which have been dispatched.
Announce special deals and other promotional offers.
Create two-way campaigns for gathering feedbacks and surveys.
Notify people about consequences to debtors.

Speedy and effective sharing of information to the right audience is the key to the smooth functioning of the collection industry. Voice & text messaging gateways improve your collection figures and have a satisfied customer base for a long duration.

MsgClub was an established gateway provider from over 11+years in India. It is situated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh (Indore) and working currently with 70+ employees in sales and other departments.