v2.40 (20 Sep 2018)
Major enhancements are support for more storage systems and new LAN monitoring feature.

New storage support

HPE StoreVirtual
HPE LeftHand
Pure Storage FlashBlade
IBM FlashSystem 900/840

LAN monitoring

Port data in/out, packets, errors
Supports Port-Channel, VLAN, FEX, VSS
Overall configuration data

For details refer to release notes (http://www.stor2rrd.com/note240.htm)
Download link (http://www.stor2rrd.com/download-xorux.htm), upgrade manual (http://www.stor2rrd.com/upgrade.htm)
Check our demo site to see new features and storages (a href=”http://www.stor2rrd.com/live_demo.html)

Have not you found your storage supported? Vote for it to give us visibility of that (http://www.stor2rrd.com/voting.php). More votes, bigger chance we go for it.

You might not be aware of options which our support brings

SLA: next business day response time for critical issues
Regular health checks
Enterprise edition of the product contains:
Reporter: unlimited number of reports with possibility to automate their run
Free version is limited to one report with no scheduling possibility
Unlimited number of Volumes, Pools or SAN ports in one Custom Group.
Free version has maximum limit 10 storage Volumes, 4 storage Pools and 4 SAN/LAN switch ports
per Custom Group.
Unlimited number of items (Volume/Pool/Port …) in a Historical PDF or XLS report.
Free version is limited in 1 item per PDF/XLS Historical report.

Value Added Reseller program is open for companies interested in becoming of our VAR in their countries (http://www.stor2rrd.com/var.html).
Our STOR2RRD web forum is there for you (https://forum.xorux.com/index.php?p=/categories/stor2rrd”>STOR2RRD web forum).
STOR2RRD 2.40 enterprise edition for customers under support containing further benefits will be released on the 4th of Oct.
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