Automotive repair shops from all over the country can improve their businesses through JMC Equipment’s catalog of metal bending equipment from Baileigh Industrial. The company also offers a variety of other Baileigh products.

[DELAWARE, 10/29/2018] – JMC Equipment has an extensive catalog of automotive products, ranging from auto body repair tools and car lifts to auto shop tools and metal bending equipment. It sources its products from reputable brands to ensure the quality it offers customers.

Baileigh Industrial is one of the exclusive manufacturers whose products are available through JMC Equipment. The manufacturer specializes in precise and reliable industrial woodworking and metalworking machinery, particularly metal bending equipment.

The Baileigh Industrial Difference

Baileigh Industrial has been in the industrial metalworking and woodworking machinery business since 1999. The manufacturer has developed a reputation for providing innovative products and customer satisfaction.

Metal bending equipment from Baileigh Industrial is leagues away from other manufacturers’ products thanks to the following:
• Quality Materials and Components. Baileigh Industrial makes sure to only use the highest-quality components for each of its equipment. The manufacturer also uses solid steel castings for its heavy-duty machines’ framework to ensure it has the necessary strength and stamina for the job.
• Up-to-Date and Innovative Designs. The company sets a high standard of accuracy, endurance, and convenience for all the machines it manufactures. Moreover, Baileigh Industrial’s commitment to continuous improvement places it at the top spot in the industry.
• ‘Upgrades’ Come Standard. Baileigh Industrial includes parts or features often considered “additional” or “optional” by other companies as standard features in its products. Some of these features contribute to the products’ longevity and project versatility.

Metal Pipe and Tube Bending

Pipe and tube bending are important and versatile metal fabrication processes. Metal pipes and tubes created through the metalworking process have numerous applications in the automotive repair business.

A first-rate pipe bender may be indispensable for automotive repair and restoration shops undertaking pipe-related projects, particularly large-scale ones. Metal pipe and tube benders allow automotive repair shop owners to modify stock tube or material, so it fits into the vehicle being serviced.

JMC Equipment carries a large variety of pipe benders in different operation types, such as human-powered or manual, hydraulically-assisted or powered with a hydraulic drive, and pneumatic-powered or powered with an electric servomotor.

Baileigh Industrial’s Manual Roll Bender R-M3, Manual Tube Bender Rdb-25, and Manual Roll Bender R-M10E are three of JMC Equipment’s best-selling pipe and tube bending products.

About JMC Equipment

JMC Equipment is a Dover, Delaware-based company with nearly five years of experience providing high-quality automotive equipment and tools at reasonable prices. The family-owned and operated business has a combined experience of more than two decades. The company is focused on serving car repair and collector enthusiasts, as well as the 400,000 vehicle repair facilities in North America.

JMC Equipment is committed to sourcing the best automotive equipment products across the world, maintaining honesty and transparency in all its business dealings, and developing innovative products.

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