iWave Systems, one of the global leaders in Embedded Industry, brings HMI Solution using ODM business approach. iWave focuses on innovation and design and offers many combinations of HMI systems and displays to meet client and industry requirements, expanding the scope of applications.

iWave’s HMI solutions are visually appealing with a multitude of configuration options in terms of CPU capacities, memory, display sizes & resolution, connectivity, OS software/GUI Features/communication protocol, mechanical aspect etc. Target scenarios will likely include in-vehicle telematics, industrial control and monitoring systems, such as AIS open, PC-based HMI systems. iWave supports its customers according to their requirements for applications such as, but not limited to, Telematics, Automotive Validator, Driver Console, Food and Beverage Vending machine, POS, Industrial HMI or Operator Interface Terminal (OIT), Home & Building Automation, Digital Signage (Indoor and Outdoor), and Access Control Panel.

To customize customer requirement and get HMI solution fitted or manufactured into customer application iWave offers open architecture, which enhance the final product along with the end customers. iWave’s HMI Solutions are scalable that can be expanded anytime as required and can be categorized into high-performance that is fixed into machines and low-power for process monitoring. iWave’s HMI Products are equipped with appropriate SW OS, necessary drivers and other accessories making our products ‘Application Ready’. Thus our customers needn’t have to bother about OS, Drivers / Libraries and can solely focus on usage and its applications. Client will have wide range of customization options for performance starting from microcontroller, Multi core High performance’ ARM processor to Kryo CPU.

With complete range of processors, iWave can support LCD from 3.5 Inch to required LCD size and resolution with RGB, LVDS, VGA, DVI or HDMI/4K interface. Latest important features like USB3.0, PoE are supported. Besides being one stop shop for all Hardware, Software and Customized enclosure design with manufacturing for IP5x enclosure of HMI solution, iWave boasts of unwavering Quality and long term support.

• Open architecture – Quick Custom Solution
• Supports LCDs from 4.3’’ / 7’’ / 10.1’’/12.1” to required size
• Supports RGB, LVDS, VGA, DVI or HDMI/4K
• iMXRT Crossover processor to Multi Core ARM SoC
• Portable/power battered
• Customized Wired and Wireless Connectivity
• Various OS support with suitable GUI Framework
• Design and Manufacture of IP rated enclosure