Nubliss comes to Amazon! After stupendous success on Flipkart, the mattress innovator Nubliss has decided to expand its brand to the e-commerce giant. In the past year, it has already sold over thousands of mattresses with industry beating positive ratings. Now, with Amazon as its second partner, it hopes to be able to establish its brand through an even greater reach.

Nubliss is India’s first brand to be certified by CertiPUR-US, which is the gold standard for
mattresses. CertiPUR-US certification requires that products undergo rigorous testing for quality and durability, so customers get the best value. That’s not all; Nubliss is also the first brand in India that offers a 101-day free trial during which time buyers can test the mattress. If they aren’t satisfied with their purchase, they can return it at any time during that period.

With Nubliss seeing success with its innovative mattress, it’s planning to launch cutting-edge products next month. Undoubtedly, they will be in line with the brand’s philosophy that good sleep leads to a healthier life and impacts happiness, productivity and the quality of relationships.

Nubliss is the only mattress brand to be sold through Cloudtail India Private Limited on Amazon. “Even with 101 return policy in place, we have received lowest returns for Nubliss Memory foam mattress in the mattress segment.”- Cloudtail expresses strong belief in Nubliss as a brand.

Nubliss’ success is echoed by the positive reviews coming in from customers through various
channels like Nubliss, Flipkart, Facebook, and Google reviews. Nubliss is India’s first memory foam mattress that incorporates cooling gel technology that works to keep the body cool and facilitate sleep. It’s constructed of five layers. The first is a soft removable cover that can cleaned and slipped back on. The second is a breathable fabric liner that prevents dust from reaching the core and the third is perforated memory foam that ensures air circulation at
night and is designed to support the body. The fourth layer is a high-performance foam base that provides additional support while the bottom layer prevents the mattress from slipping on the platform it’s placed on.

Nubliss is a firm mattress, which is the recommended firmness level for proper sleep and the prevention of back and neck pain. However, customers who need a little more firmness can flip the mattress over to enjoy an extra-firm surface.

Nubliss makes purchasing its mattresses easy by shipping them in a box. This also reduces cost for both the brand and customers. Once the mattress is unboxed, it takes 24 hours for it to fully unfurl and be used.

Nubliss comes in several sizes ranging from 72×36 inches to 78×72 inches. It has a thickness of 6 inches and for now, there are no plans to increase it or provide customization. However, it’s
designed to provide healthy sleep through the use of modern mattress technology and superior
quality material so customers are assured the best value. Our Website is