Air Energy supplies a range of energy-efficient compressed air filters and dryers that suit a vast array of applications. The selection consists of top performing equipment.

[Knoxfield, 30/10/2018] – Air Energy, an Australia-based, trusted provider of industrial pipework solutions, offers a wide selection of compressed air filters and dryers for a vast array of applications. The team selects top-performing equipment to ensure their products meet the challenging demands of their clients.

Compressed Air Filter and Dryers

When businesses require compressed air to complete their industrial pneumatic applications, it is important to ensure the air is free of debris and contaminants. Air Energy carries a range of compressed air filters and dryers that can remove all traces of impurities such as dirt, moisture, oil, rust and other kinds of damaging particles. Air filters and dryers aim to enhance the purity of compressed air. They provide financial benefits, protect plant equipment, extend the running life of tools, minimise energy consumption and reduce time spent on system maintenance.

Air Energy’s air filters and dryers are high-quality and robust, providing unparalleled protection for daily industrial-grade use. The company is a leading distributor and offers systems from renowned brands such as Falcon and Domnick Hunter. The internal pressure drop is a hidden but potentially expensive waste of energy and running costs. There are very significant differences that at a casual glance may seem insignificant but when analysed, cost far more than the capex involved. Conversely filters that do not catch contaminants cost more money because of increased wear and tear, equipment failure and loss of production, so ‘with good advice make war!’ is a sound business principle.

The Range

The Air Energy team selects top performing products to meet the requirements of their clients. Their selection of compressed air filters and dryers includes:

• Vacuum Filters
• Sterile and Medical Air Filters
• Nitrogen Generators
• Process Filtration
• Membrane Dryers
• Desiccant Dryers
• Refrigerated Dryers
• Breathing Air Sets
• Activated Carbon Filters
• Coalescing Filters
• Mainline Filters

About Air Energy

Established in 1993, Air Energy is a family owned business that supplies a comprehensive range of equipment for industrial pipework. They have a team of industry professionals who provide personalised, best practice solutions.
At Air Energy, customer satisfaction is a priority. Their knowledge, expertise in the field, and over two decades of experience enable them to provide personalised solutions that match their client’s needs. They offer onsite visits and perform comprehensive assessments to understand and take care of complex requirements.
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