Signaling and signage are complex and delicate works. The term “signal” can have very different meanings;in Graphic Design you use it from a more specific point of view to refer to the signals that guide us when we go somewhere, be it a cake or bicycle, a car or public transportation , these signs have a long history that goes back to Roman times and they have become some of the most obvious graphic elements of many cities.

Retail signage and exterior signage have a didactic nature, which is understood as the mode of relationship between individuals and their environment. It applies to the service of individuals, their orientation in a space in a specific place, for the best and fastest access to the necessary services and for greater security.
Signage systems are an essential part in shaping the image of a place or company, , helping corporations survive in a competitive market. As an extension of their public image, some companies and institutions use interior signage to identify the different customer service departments. This helps reduce operating costs by placing directories and signs in strategic locations to replace receptionists or hostesses.

Inflation and competitive pressures forced companies and institutions to reduce their operating costs. The clear identification of goods in shelves and aisles in a supermarket reduces the need for sellers and this directly affects the utilities. Being able to provide these services makes Brandboy your number one choice when searching for signage.

Brandboy can offer a signage handbook, representing a great guide of basic rules for the correct and adequate signage of the different environments and/or areas, in order to identify and guide users to reach their final destination.
This bookdefines a set of signals (graphic and/or typographical) and the guidelines of its use. The information provided by the signage through codes of signals, offers , a clear knowledge of the message that it tries to transmit. Both the graphic symbols and the typographical compositions used in this manual areeasy to read and understand. .

The planned signage provides a progressive system of information distribution that helps the user reach its destination with ease. Several types of signals are available for exterior and interior signage. Generally, large signs will be used in large outdoor spaces, access areas, patios and parking lots. The smallest signs are suitable for routes and small spaces.

The best way to plan how to use signage is by walking with the reference planes (information survey). These signs are necessary to solve questions such as where you are and how to arrive at your destination.
The use of the signage standards presented in this manual require an appropriate management in each of the situations that arise. It is important to consider the indications provided in thisguideline, in order to guarantee the unity of criteria in visual communication.

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