One of the best software testing companies, Vovance has announced to offer cloud computing services to their clients all over the world. The company is home to some of the best cloud computing experts who have in-depth knowledge and are gaining praises from their clients for their top-notch cloud computing services. Being one of the top cloud computing companies, their services are regarded as the best in the industry.

Recently, one of the spokespeople of Vovance made an announcement that they will provide their expert cloud solutions as well as cloud computing services in the two most popular cloud platforms. This includes the Amazon Web Server (AWS) and Google Cloud.

“The cloud platforms are extremely powerful. These days, more and more businesses are getting aware of the tremendous advantages that the cloud solutions offer and have started using the solutions to host their business applications. However, not all companies know the hidden benefits of these powerful tools. This is where Vovance comes out as a winner. We know the proper ways to use these tools to its full potential. With our excellent cloud solutions, you can take your business to the next level. Our team of experienced developers will help in the growth of your business by bringing the advantages of the cloud solutions at your fingertips. Our AWS consultancy service is the best in the industry. Our skilled AWS engineers know all the details about this widely used cloud platform. We help you harness the prevailing features of AWS cloud computing. With us, you can leverage the competence of the AWS cloud platform and see your business reach heights that you have only imagined. Also, we offer world-class Google cloud services. Google Cloud Engine is well-known for its awesome networking architecture and superior performance. With our top-notch Google cloud computing solution, you can take full benefit of this cost-effective and extensive cloud platform”, shared a representative of this company.

“Vovance provides a complete package of cloud computing services to their clients. Apart from this, we also offer individual cloud computing services. This way, it makes it possible for companies to opt only for cloud business app setup and installation or some other services”, shared a spokesperson of the company.

Their cloud services include:
 Consultation
 Installation and setup
 Cloud architecture design
 Data migration
 Load balancing
 Database or system replication
 Upgradation
 Failover

About Vovance
Vovance is a renowned IT company that has its development center in India and their corporate office in the USA. They have a team of exceptional developers and designers who are the best in their field. Apart from cloud computing services, they offer other services including web development, mobile app development, cloud hosting and implementation, data services, IT staffing services and business process review service. Clients can contact them if they want a complete package or a single cloud computing service. In order to know about the services they offer and to understand how they can help you, please visit: