Humans generate heaps of waste every day. Waste rich in energy, nutrients, or water. Most of it gets flushed down the drain, dumped in landfill sites, burned or even abandoned in public spaces or nature. Meanwhile, millions of farmers struggle with depleted soils and lack of water. This is why we at MKL Waste setup our business to help protect and support the environment in disposing off waste properly through the right process.

We specialize in office Waste Removal Services in London, Garden Waste Removal, for domestic or commercial clients. Whether you require a full or partial house clearance service, garage clearance or garden green waste collection in London, we will be able to help you.
MKL WASTE works in conjunction with MKL FINANCE LTD where all payments are process through MKL FINANCE LTD. We are a family business, that started in 2008. We offering cleaning services in London with only a few contracts for regular cleaning and waste collection.
Over the years we have grown to cover all aspects of waste, house and rubbish removal. On the cleaning we have included: regular domestic cleaning, Post Tenancy Cleaning, Spring and After Building Cleaning, Carpet/Upholstery.

When we registered as Rubbish Removal London company in London that become licensed by the Environment Agency as a waste carrier. Since then house clearance and rubbish clearance in London become very popular and desirable.
When people decide to move, they come across a variety of small, but very time consuming task. However they tend to be the last matters on Earth that an active business or homeowner would like to complete.
One of these types of tasks is house clearance London or rubbish disposal. We are here to help with your rubbish collection London.
Important business documents or individual finance details recover during house clearance London could simply fall into the wrong hands.
You may forget to destroy them, simply because you have far more important things to worry about. One of them can be setting up a new house or keeping your company functional during the move.