Shenzhen, China (October 26, 2018) – Solar lights are becoming increasingly popular and cheaper for home usage. The main reason for their popularity is that Solar light systems are self-sufficient and require no external power at all. The solar panels, battery, led bulbs, and the circuitry is available as a single package and can be fitted directly without tangling with the wire.

VST Lighting Company Limited is an expert LED manufacturer from China. The company has a lot of innovative LED and solar lighting solutions to choose from. They offer some of the minimal designed and well-constructed Solar Camping Lights that have smart functionalities. These lights come with an inbuilt battery that can last for up to 500,000 hours, a light sensor for auto on and off, and a motion sensor for recognizing movements and adjust the brightness accordingly.

The advantages of Led Flashlight offered by VST Lighting for outdoor purposes does not end there, it is lightweight and compact for anyone to fix it and use. All outdoor lights are efficiently weather sealed and waterproofed to work in any weather condition. The light intensity is even and soft so that the customers don’t get irritated even when getting close to the light source. Every solar light system is available in almost all sizes differentiated based on the watts and lumens it emits.

About VST Lighting Company Limited:

To become one of the prominent companies in Asia for LED manufacturing with innovative ideas and quality products, the founder of VST Lighting has spent some years gaining diverse experience in the LED manufacturing industry. The company has great value for customers and strives to produce the best quality products with warranty & support.

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