Recently Apple has released new iOS 11 builds. Now the applications that are made by AppMachine are fully compatible with the latest iOS version. All such things are not only useful for a single person but also for iOS app development companies.

Have a look at the changes that are included in iOS build –
1. iOS build has the ability to upload iPhone X splash screen.
2. Ability to upload iPhone X screenshots.
3. The applications that are built using iOS 11 SDK make full use of iPhone X super retina display.

All the latest app submissions and updates will be built using iOS 11 SDK. Do you really want to update your application to support iOS 11? If you want to trigger a store update then it can be done by adjusting your App Store information. For example – Upload an iPhone X splash screen image and then tap on “Update Now”.

AppMachine resumes iOS Application
Recently Apple has revised their terms and conditions regarding accepting app built with generation services in the App Store. Now any person can build and publish iOS apps that are created with AppMachine.

Apple Developer Account & Store Updates
Apple states all applications must be submitted by the provider of app’s content, unique Apple Developer Account. Well, such things also applied to the apps that are already published. If various applications are already published by your developer account then Apple review will include this check when you submit a store update. To avoid all kinds of disruptions in the iOS store then ensure that all applications are published on a developer account.

If you want to transfer your app from your own account to the customer account then you have to follow these steps –
Step 1 – Verify that app can be transferred
The app must meet specific criteria –
a. The accounts can’t be in a pending state and the latest version of the agreements, tax and banking section must be accepted.
b. No version of the app can use a Passbook entitlement or iCloud Entitlement.
c. Sandboxed Mac apps that share the Application Group Container Directory with other Mac apps, that is non-transferrable.
d. Test Flight Beta Testing should be turned off.
e. The application should have at least one version and that is released to the App Store.

Step 2 – Backup all app information
After app transfer, the app is removed from your account. So, it is recommended by experts to back up all information about the app before you transfer it. In fact, it is a good idea to keep a record of your appʼs metadata and pricing, note dates. All this not only save sales but also offer excellent user experience.

Step 3 – Initiate & Accept the app transfer
Your organization’s team agent initiates the app transfer & initiates the app transfer. Once your app is complete and available for download, but no one knows about it. Then it is the perfect time to draw attention to your app & AppMachine can really do wonders in this direction.

If you want to use AppMachine to make your own app without the help of app developers then you can easily do that. If you really want to know about AppMachine then you need to install AppMachine app.

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