Gold Coast Digestive Health is a naturopath clinic in Ashmore, Gold Coast. It is well known for its digestive disorder treatment. Natasha is the owner of this clinic and has more than 16 years of experience in the medical field. As a holistic doctor, she considers mind, body and spirit when treats the patient. In their clinic, they are providing various services to promote wellness and optimum healthy life. Their services include Digestive Health Consultations, In Clinic Testing and Pathology Testing. Natasha also gives positive thoughts to the patient to recover quickly and achieve long-term health.

Holistic Doctor and its Treatment:
Holistic Doctor is also a doctor treats the patient’s disease by considering mind, body, emotions and spirit. Treatment given by holistic doctor is known as holistic medicine. The aim is to lead a healthy life by maintaining physical balance in life. The practitioner in this field believes that the human body parts are connected internally one to another. If one part is affected, then all other parts also affected. So, the doctor takes care the patients health as their responsibility. They can use all types of available treatments in their treatment process from conventional to alternative therapies.

Why Gold Coast Digestive Health?
Gold Coast Digestive Health clinic has experienced holistic doctor. According to holistic medicine, the unconditional love and positive thoughts are the keys to promote health condition. Physician Natasha always teaches the patient about how to lead a healthy life, what caused the patient and how to avoid it on the feature. She has much more experience as a holistic doctor and got more positive rates from the patient. They treat the disease by identifying the cause from the root and use any type of medical treatment to instant wellness.

About Gold Coast Digestive Health:
Gold Coast Digestive Health is a health clinic running for the past 16 years located in Gold Coast, Queensland. Natasha Martin is a naturopath started this clinic after getting prior knowledge in this industry. From the start, the continuous positive results help them to achieve successful establishments. They can also do an initial consultation, DNA test, pyrrole test, live blood test etc. For more details about their services, visit

13 Kurrambee Avenue,
Ashmore, QLD 4214
Phone: 07 5676 507