New York, USA — 26 October 2018 — Robotics Tomorrow is a web site that is dedicated to news that are connected with the latest achievements in the robot achievements of this day. Ali Afrouzi is the person that has been there in this industry from its dawn and sees things clearly and in perspective. Giving his opinion on the important matters that have coagulated the industry is a very important task that is not taken lightly.

One thing that people don’t want to get involved when doing their job is working with trash. We all are producing a huge amount of trash daily but as it happens everything that is produced has to be recycled in a logical manner. Ali Afrouzi has come with the idea of creating robots that would understand when the trash cans are full and directing them to the storage while picking up the clean trash cans and replacing them on that spot. This sounds simple in perspective but when tackled hands on then there are quite a few problems that have to be eliminated from the process.

Ali Afrouzi has been working on this project for a long time and has since then upgraded the software through numerous iterations. The prototype that can now be seen in the videos has been in concept for a long time but it has changed the design with every iteration. AI Incorporated is a company that has been created on these grounds: as to offer a service that humans wouldn’t be likely to engage into and do it with such a finesse that there wouldn’t even be the necessity of working with the trash that humans have been producing for all of this time.

Recycling is now at the base of the human consumption and people from all over the globe are trying to produce as little trash that they can. This is a complicated procedure that requires a lot of thought and the team that Ali Afrouzi has created is one step closer at coming with a viable solution to the issue. At the end of the day this is the only possible outcome for a future setting that would remove trash from our lives in such a way that other humans aren’t really involved hands on. Programming and building such a system is something that AI Incorporated has been tasked with and what they re working on as an ongoing project.

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