St. Louis, MO, United States – 26 October 2018 – 103.3 KLOU introduces us bObsweep, represented by Ali Afrouzi, who is the cofounder of this Canada’s premier robotic vacuum company as well as the creator of original bObsweep vacuum cleaner and mop.
There’s no question that house maintenance incorporates lots of hard and monotonous chores, which should be carried out on a daily basis to provide our homes with healthy and comfortable conditions. All the housewives exactly know how boring and exhaustive it can be to clean their houses every day, getting rid of dirt and mess. Fortunately, we live in the age of technical progress, when every new product is intended to make our life complete, while our work as effective as possible.
Now we have bObsweep, which is a cutting-edge robotic vacuum cleaner, designed to make the number of tasks associated with home floor cleaning simultaneously. These tasks are vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, UV sterilizing and HEPA filtrating of all types of home flooring. All these functions make bObsweep an exceptional and highly innovative device, which does the entire chore on its own, as it’s robotic home appliance.
The benefits of bObsweep are obvious, as it slides from room to room on its own, excluding the need to be managed and operated. Its navigation system allows bObsweep preventing all the obstacles on its way as well as falling down stairs. The dust bin of this robotic vacuum cleaner makes 1100 ml, being quite capacious to collect all the debris from your floor and to be emptied once in a while. In addition, bObsweep is as compact as lightweight, enabling you to store it almost anywhere you want, while its design will unquestionably delight your eyes.
bObi provides an ideal solution for homes with kids and pets, where there’s a constant need for floor cleaning. It’s also perfect for people with disabilities or seniors, who can’t do the cleaning chores on their own. And certainly, we couldn’t reject the fact that bObi is a must-have for all homes without exception, the owners of which make all the efforts to keep their homes tidy and clean, but opt for the smart products just like bObi, which is the top selling cleaning device to date.
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