This way for the first time in the history of Varanasi / Kashi a Family Business Organization has utilized people’s participation by creating a unique social Media trend in such unique & positive manner which has resulted in Rajat Synergy Group creating a constructive global buzz around its family legacy of 200 years

In the era of western influenced negative social media viral trend like #metoo. There is a social media viral trend emerging From the World’s oldest city of Varanasi which is witnessing its own #selfie_with_hoarding #selfiewithhoarding. On the auspicious occasion of Pitra Paksha (a sacred month as per Hindu mythology to offering prayers to departed ancestors) a Varanasi / Kashi based very old business family enterprises Rajat Synergy Group has installed billboards across all the major part of the city to pay homage to its 200 years old family and business legacy of 5 generations

Along with the same, a social media trend is also initiated by the organization to offer Gift to all those who post their selfie with hoarding on any social media platforms.

This got the attention of people at large, social media is flooded with hundreds of selfie from people of different domain & age-group like businessman, sports person, housewife, artist, students, doctors, journalist, entrepreneurs, etc they are all going crazy over posting there #selfie_with_hoarding.

Rajat Synergy Group now has its operations across a vast field of subjects, from textile manufacturing to real estate and the finance and investments. Currently involved in some big pioneer projects in cities across India, Rajat Synergy Group continues to strive for infinity.