Dubai, UAE – Dubai’s first commission-free real estate continues to make their presence felt in the real estate market by consistently closing deals after deals for the past few months. The company has been gaining a strong authority in the market, establishing a remarkable online presence in just a few months since their launch. Though they are new in the market, their performance could be considered exceptional as they are receiving good reviews in google business with 5 star ratings, and positive comments on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even in LinkedIn.

“RightDoors aims to create a disruption in the real estate market by establishing a new trend which will entirely revolutionize Dubai real estate.” This is the vision of Zeeshan Imran, CEO of RightDoors. “RightDoors’ main mission is to take away the burden of paying commission by introducing a fixed agency fee of AED 999!” he added. With this vision rapidly turning into a reality, the company is more eager to make things possible for the next coming years. “We are just beginning. There’s a lot more that they can expect from RightDoors.” said Zeeshan.

RightDoors is becoming widely known in the industry as the “first and only” commission-free Real Estate in Dubai. The company’s unique selling proposition (USP) has been gaining different opinions from clients and competitors alike. More people are becoming aware of the company in just a short span of time as they stay true to delivering their promise of charging only a fixed agency fee of AED 999 irrespective of the rental amount of any property.

Looking at the perspective of their clients, they are indeed satisfied with the kind of service that RightDoors promised. “They really release the headache of searching for a new house to rent, and encouraged me to move every year even if I like my current flat.” said Mr. Tamir, one of RightDoors’ clients who expressed his satisfaction for the company. In one of his comments in google business he said that RightDoors doesn’t only deserve 5 stars but 7 stars! Other clients also applauded the company in google business. “It was a great & hassle-free experience with them. They charged me only 999 DHS on word as commission fee, while other agents asked for 3,500 on average for same apartment of the same landlord.” commented Mr. Mohammed.
RightDoors’ core business structure is based on being service-oriented. They believe that clients shouldn’t shell out too much for agency fees. The standard 5% commission is what RightDoors is eliminating, which is why they came up with the concept of paying only a fixed-fee of AED 999! This flat-fee is enough to cover up the full spectrum of real estate services that clients need without compromising quality. A client can easily obtain a property through RightDoors in just simple steps.

All they need to do is go to, click on the search bar and find their dream property anywhere in Dubai.

Then they can book a viewing where they will be accompanied by a property consultant from the start of the process until the end.

The property consultant will take care of the negotiation from the initial offer until the apartment is secured.

And when everything is done, clients can easily move-in to their dream home.

Landlords on the other hand can list their property for free in their portal, where they are given a strong chance to get their properties seen by millions of viewers in just a click. Because of RightDoors’ USP, landlords are given the assurance that their property can get rented faster!
“In just a few years, RightDoors will become the standard of Dubai Real Estate.” said Zeeshan, as he reiterated that the company has a bright future in the industry.

About RightDoors

RightDoors, an online hybrid estate agency in Dubai is the pioneer of commission-free real estate in the region. Their mission is to save Dubai from commission. “RightDoors’ philosophy is founded on five core values such as honesty, transparency, integrity, professionalism, and exceptional customer service.” said Zeeshan. They are known as the first service-oriented company that doesn’t charge any commission to their clients, but only a fixed agency fee of AED 999.

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