Making good strategic decisions just became a lot easier. With New Perspective’s free Strategic Marketing Plan Starter Kit, businesses can implement a powerful marketing strategy guaranteed to reach their target audience.

[Worcester, 10/26/2018] – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about 20 percent of businesses survive past their first year. After five years, half of them are often gone. Only a third reach their 10thanniversary.

In one Forbes article, the author cited the lack of communication with target customers as one of the main reasons businesses fail. Customers hold the key to a business’s success, so reaching them and anticipating what they want and need is vital. This is what an effective marketing strategy does. If businesses don’t have it all planned out, they’re likely to fail.

As experts in strategic planning, New Perspective offers a free Strategic Marketing Plan Starter Kit that acts as a template resource for businesses to align their goals with customers’ needs.

What is the Strategic Marketing Plan Starter Kit?

Strategic marketing means knowing everything about the business’s market—its clients, its competition, its identity—and tailoring the marketing plan to the business. New Perspective’s Strategic Marketing Plan Starter Kit contains several documents that streamline the planning process.

The Strategic Planning Checklist helps businesses ensure that they have all the necessary data to create and execute their marketing strategy. The SMART Goals Template helps businesses come up with goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

The Persona Template included in the kit lets businesses create buyer personas that represent their ideal customers. By using this, they’ll understand who is (and isn’t) in their target market. Finally, the One Page Plan helps businesses outline their goals and strategies for how to achieve these goals.

New Perspective’s free Strategic Marketing Plan Starter Kit is for businesses that want to develop a strong marketing strategy.

About New Perspective

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