Susan’s Personalised Candles, came into being in 2004 motivated by the requirement for customized candles at a reasonable price. We furnish clients and boutique retail outlets with our lovely and trendy Personalised Candles in Australia. Susan Scicluna established her candle business with the support and motivation of her family. Her passion was bring in a range of affordable personalised candles that would fit the need of every individual. If you are in need of one such candle or many more get in touch with us via email at or call on (02) 80045859/ 0438446303.

We present to you the best Personalised Candles in Australia, take home gift you could have ever longed for. We hand pour in your most loved aroma (that’s right – you get the opportunity to pick) particularly for your occasion.
If you’re looking for something different, something a million times nicer than sugared almonds with a great story?! What about our handmade custom candles. You’ll even have the capacity to work together with us on a customized name. It’s entirely exceptional. These wonders leave those chiffon packs of sugared almonds crying in the corner. There’s a developing portion of customers that are worried about the materials organizations use to make their items — especially any creature fixings, If you are one of them then we have an amazing vegan solution too.

What’s more, since we know aroma brings out recollections of mystical minutes, we can likewise sort out to have your most loved candles consuming all through your occasion. Your visitors will remember the recollections of your unique event over and over as they light these little cutie up.

Send us an enquiry and we’ll tell all of you the subtle elements around making incredibleness particularly for you.