Montreal, Quebec (webnewswire) October 25, 2018 – Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, is pleased to offer their customers the latest solutions in power, thermal, and motion technology from CUI.

In AC-DC power solutions, CUI’s PBO series of ultra-compact SIP AC-DC power supplies is designed to maximize space where on-board AC-DC power conversion is required. The 1 W, 3 W and 5 W models, offered in vertical and right-angle versions, feature typical efficiency as high as 79% and a wide operating temperature range up to -40 to +85°C for use in challenging environments.

CUI’s 3 W external power supplies meet the current US DoE Level VI efficiency standards and the proposed EU CoC Tier 2 regulations. Featuring North American and European blade options, no-load power consumption less than 0.075 W, and a range of safety approvals, these low-power adapters will keep the users’ design one step ahead of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

For DC-DC power, CUI has the compact VXO78-500 non-isolated DC-DC converter series, a high performance alternative to linear regulators suited for positive or negative output applications. Unlike linear regulators, the VXO78-500 DC switching regulator series is extremely efficient up to 95% and does not require a heat sink, making it ideal for applications where board space is at a premium and maximizing energy efficiency is a concern.

CUI’s PQDE6W series is a family of 6 W isolated DC-DC converters featuring a 4:1 input voltage range, efficiency up to 88%, and a wide operating temperature from -40°C to +85°C. Available in board mount, chassis mount and DIN rail package types, all models offer single- or dual-regulated outputs.

CUI’s latest motion solutions include the AMT21 series, a rugged, high accuracy absolute encoder outputting 12 bits or 14 bits of absolute position information with RS-485 communication. Thanks to its innovative capacitive platform, the series is not susceptible to contaminants such as dirt, dust, and oil that typically plague encoders in industrial environments.

AMT10 incremental encoders offer 16 programmable resolutions from 48 to 2048 PPR, simplifying the assembly process and reducing the time consuming tasks of mounting and alignment to mere seconds. The AMT10 features an operating temperature range of -40°C to +100°C, high accuracy, a compact package, and low current draw.

For thermal management, CUI’s DC centrifugal blowers offer frame sizes ranging from 50 to 120 mm, and feature ball bearing or omniCOOL™ system construction with rated voltages of 12 and 24 VDC. These DC blowers come as standard with auto restart protection on all models and feature airflows ranging from 2.6 CFM up to 54.7 CFM.

CUI’s line of stamped board-level heat sinks delivers the variety of form factors and transistor package types to meet various onboard cooling needs. With thermal resistance conveniently measured under 4 conditions for each heat sink, users have the ability to select the ideal product for their specific application with greater ease.

CUI is an electronic components manufacturer specializing in a diverse range of product technologies, and is a leader in power electronics. For more information and to order from the complete portfolio of CUI products available through Future Electronics, visit

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