Alchemy Personal Training
2A Hawthorn Walk
Opening Hours: 6AM to 9PM (7 days a week)

Tel: 01625 531 923
Mob: 07855 367139

Alchemy Personal Training prides itself on delivering the best personal training sessions for their clients. With a highly experienced team of personal trainers in Wilmslow that has over two decades of experience, clients can be assured that they are in perfectly safe hands.

Everyone can benefit from reflexology, and Alchemy Personal Training offers 33% off on reflexology treatments in the month of October at their private gym in Wilmslow. There are tremendous benefits in reflexology for athletes and people who exercise regularly. As much as exercise is good for the person, constant exercise can take a toll unless there is some relief. Reflexology can relieve muscle pain, tension and strains without over the counter pain medication.

Reflexology treatments are non-invasive and effective and can treat whole body ailments in order to maximize the performance of the client and get them into the best shape of their life.

When training at the gym, or engaging in daily exercise like housework or professional work outside of the home, reflexology not only prevents sprains, breaks and pain but also improves the muscles in the hands and feet.

The reflexologist can help stimulate reflex points in the hands and feet, allowing the energy channels to open up and for the body to function at the optimal level. Rufus Bradshaw the Director of Alchemy states that, “Reflexology is a therapeutic treatment and helps people heal from their post-exercise problems. You will be amazed at the benefits it can bring”.

He further added, “As well as relaxing muscles and minimizing recovery time, the treatment will also increase energy levels. Reflexology will optimize your workout performance every time. Our gym in Wilmslow offers our loyal clients 33% off on reflexology treatments this October. We welcome everyone to give it a try and see the benefits for yourself ”.

About Us

Alchemy Personal Training is based in Wilmslow and is a cutting edge personal training studio. With state of the art resistance machines and the best equipment, we offer everything you need to enjoy the best workout possible. The studio comprises of a separate yoga room and therapy room, along with fresh, filtered water, towels and ample free parking. We also have changing rooms and private showering facilities. You can enjoy a versatile workout using the highest standard of equipment and our experienced personal trainers. For more information, visit our website on