The new SAP Enterprise Support Program allows you to simplify operations, decrease response time and strengthen reliability. Regardless of your deployment scenarios (On-Premise, Cloud, and hybrid. This programme includes four dimensions – collaboration, mission-critical support, empowerment, and innovation & value realization. This support offering helps you run your business more simply with tangible benefits. It costs 22% of the license buy price. It is mandatory On-Premise licenses.
Here are the few points you need to know about the New SAP Enterprise Support Programme.

Applicabilities –

The new program is applicable to all the SAP customers and replaces previous support offerings, including SAP Standard Support and SAP Premium Support. All the previous support offerings will be gradually replaced with the new sap enterprise support program. So, it is important to all SAP customers to make themselves familiar with the new support.

Extended Maintenance –

SAP has extended the period of extended maintenance as part of the company’s 5-1-2 maintenance schedule for all SAP customers still operating on SAP R/3 4.6c and 4.7. The 5-1-2 maintenance schedule comprises five years of mainstream maintenance at the standard maintenance fee, one year of extended maintenance at an additional 2 percent maintenance fee, and two more years of extended maintenance at an additional 4 percent maintenance fee per year.

Key Components –

The New Support program is based on a 24/7 service level agreement, continuous quality checks, support advisory, and advanced support for implementing SAP ERP enhancement and support packages. The enterprise edition of SAP Solution Manager is the standard platform for application lifecycle management. Being part of your SAP support contract, SAP Solution Manager integrates other tools to help ensure a comprehensive approach.

Response Time –

Unlike SAP Standard Support, SAP Enterprise Support Program had service level agreement for initial response time. For priority 1 issues, SAP guarantees a response time within one hour of the customer reporting the problem and provides either a resolution or a corrective action plan within four hours. For priority 2 issues, includes a guaranteed four-hour response time.

Coverage –

Except for SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign, the new SAP Enterprise Support is made available for all SAP software by SAP. It is also available for non-SAP applications that are sold by SAP. This is a great opportunity for all SAP customers to obtain support for SAP product.

Price Scheduling –

According to the latest press release, the cost of the new support program will rise, over a seven-year period, by an average of 3.1 percent each year (from 17 percent to 22 percent), with the final price increase taking effect in 2015.