The sound of your alarm buzzing at 6:00 am signifies the start of a long day ahead, making you hope that the ‘am’ magically turns into ‘pm’ and you can eventually go back to where you fit the most- beneath your comfy blanket, away from the problems of the universe. Seems like a dream doesn’t it? Yet we strive to get up early in the morning to get to work when we don’t want to.

Well, there are a plethora of causes behind this struggle, one of the most prominent is your workplace. Believe it or not, but your work conditions affect every aspect of your job: Your devotion, your creativity, your loyalty and your intensity for going out there and making things happen.

While traditional workspaces tend to drown you easily, it’s a coworking space in thane that allows you the opportunity to enrich your creativity and work shoulder to shoulder with experts from other industries. Eventually, life has a lot more to give than just stressful work. In such a case, a coworking set up provides us with a chance to do our job and have fun while doing it.
So, here are a few interesting things you can do in a coworking and shared offices in thane to make your work life interesting-

Embrace diversity: Hanging out and get familiar with your colleagues is great, but going beyond your comfort zone is fantastic. Every person comes from a different background with their own stories and experiences. Here, each one has the capacity to give a new spin to any discussion. This innovation not only adds to your knowledge tank but also opens up your mind to fresh attitudes.

Mastering the art of ‘small talk’: ‘Small talk’ is one of the most unknown weapons known to mankind. If small talk can change your grouchy old neighbor into a happy-helping hand, then think what it can do for you at your workplace? Begin with a smile and then go with the flow. ‘Small talks’ have the capacity to turn into excellent conversations, and we all know the power of a fabulous conversation right?

Inspire and be inspired: Inspiration can happen anyplace! There is no best time, but there is the best place. We work not only to support our life but to also develop and improve as human beings. Motivation is the only factor, which can make you work to the best of your capabilities. Getting inspired by a coworking space is necessary- thanks to all the thoughts, good spirit and the zeal to do something great wafting out of every corner of the office.

Turn labor into laughter: Work can be difficult, there can be days when your frown declines to leave your face and a smile fights to sneak in. Sadly, everyone around you is probably going through the same phase so what do you do? You communicate with people who are in a different stage of their work life and can uplift your mood. Thereby, coworking spaces are the happiest place to work.

We, KONTOR SPACE provide coworking space and aim to encourage creativity and provide personalized solutions to suit the needs of all our customers. From private offices for corporates who are looking at all amenity offices in business hubs to individual entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to build something from scratch, we have a solution for them all. Feel free to book a tour.