Sawston, Cambridge: Today, RMR Joinery Services Limited published a guideline on how and why custom joinery projects are priced. The most common query that a client may have regarding bespoke furniture is how much it’s going to cost. “The problem with this question is that there’s no definite answer. Different factors have to be weighed in for different situations,” said a company representative. “However, it is also important to address the fact that clients, especially future ones, require at least a guideline on what affects the price of their custom joinery projects.”

Here’s a list of the factors stated by the company representative:

Materials used

Amount of units to be produced

Sophistication of joinery

Level of customization

Expected quality of the build

Cost of labour

According to the guideline, the materials used for Bespoke joinery Cambridge are incredibly important. The 5 other factors are going to depend on the materials. Not all designers and their designs will be able to work with all materials. Certain types of materials may also require additional time to prepare to ensure that the quality of the build is up to par. Tools and labour, two valuable resources, are going to be affected directly by the materials that are to be used.

The amount of units that’s going to be produced will be decided along with the sophistication of the joinery. When these two factors have been decided on, the level of customization can be finalized. According to the guideline, these 3 will be decided by the client as they outweigh the quoted costs themselves. “When a client asks us for a design, we can offer them with a pre-made or give them a chance to put in their own ideas onto a template. If they want the design to be completely unique, then we’re looking at an increased overhead,” said the company representative.

“At RMR Joinery Services Limited, we ensure that all custom joinery projects are given as much attention to detail as possible to guarantee that the quality of the build is high,” said the company representative. “When the expectations of the client are set, then we will be able to work with confidence knowing full well that the end result will be what they wanted and envisioned. All of these factors, once computed together, can be quoted along with the cost of labour.” In the last pages of the guideline included a portfolio of the company along with several testimonials from past clients.

The gallery showcased bespoke display cabinets, oak joinery, windows, unit seating, and more. All testimonials from past clients were overwhelmingly positive. “We gave [RMR Joinery Services Limited] a call one day when my wife said she wanted bespoke windows. Their quote was very on point and we are very happy with the finished product,” said Samuel Bowen. “You’d think I’m crazy for saying this, but the shop fittings display counter and cabinet I [received] actually increased my sales,” said Jonathan Briggs.

About RMR Joinery Services Limited: RMR Joinery Services Limited is a provider of Bespoke joinery Cambridge since 1992

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