Pigeon Guard offer solutions in solving your individual pigeon problems in Toronto and giving you a complete satisfaction with our bird control service. We gently do pigeon control with a variety of solutions such as pigeon trapping, pigeon spikes, bird netting and electrical shock track which makes the area unreachable for the pigeons.

Pigeons can carry and transmit several diseases so it is advisable to hire a reliable company like us which will take care of all your pigeon problem needs. Apart from offering numerous solutions, our trained staff members also help in cleaning and disinfecting the areas where pigeons dropping are there.

Our Bird Netting Canada is an effective and humane form of bird elimination as it is used to protect all types of objects and structures. We provide different types of bird netting along with the installation accessories and tools depending upon the size and structure of your building. This bird netting works for all the birds including pigeons, sparrows etc. and are perfect for industrial, agricultural as well as for residential areas.

We control pigeons with our different Pigeon Control Products which consist of pigeon spikes, pigeon netting, electrical shock trap, trapping and other appropriate means in order to get rid of pigeons. While spikes cover the wide area of any physical curb, nets are the most everlasting and successful method to prevent access of pigeons. We also have electric shock trap that produces a mild electric shock when birds sit on its surface.

Pigeon Trapping is the safest and easiest way to getting rid of pigeons and they can be placed near their roosting, feeding or loafing sites. These pigeon traps came in various sizes depending upon the surrounding and we can construct and customized the traps which will fit perfectly to your place.

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