(October 24, 2018) – Finding the vein in some patients becomes really tough for health care professionals. Particularly, those practicing new in this field face this issue. Understanding their need, BLZ Technology (Wuhan) Company Limited offers a product called Vein Finder.

This instrument will display the vein on the surface of the skin in real-time with the utmost accuracy. With this tool, healthcare professionals will experience first-attempt venepuncture success rate. In addition, they will get help in improving the efficiency of their treatment. When the patients are satisfied with the treatments they get, in turn, it will improve the reputation of the hospital using this tool.

This tool works by digitally displaying a map of veins on the surface of the skin. In turn, it will aid the healthcare professional to get a clear view of the veins. Not just during venipuncture procedure, but also during vascular procedures, this tool will come in handy. Also, in cosmetic procedures, it will avoid bifurcations or valves.

The good thing about vein finder is that it will work on all skin and body types. Be it dark skinned or dermatosis or patients with a scar, it can be used for finding the vein. Also, it can be used in oncology, geriatric, kids and OB patients.

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