The importance of good oral and dental hygiene cannot be neglected for happy and healthy dental health is one of the premium signs that you are fit and fine. Gentle Dental Putney is one of the most favourable dental care venues for the residents of Putney and its nearby locations for the commendable services it offers. Founded and regulated by Dr Etienne Potgieter, an NHS certified Dentist in the UK, the clinic has become the safest resort in Putney for dental surgery and all other treatments related to oral health. Gentle Dental Putney is the place where you can consult with the dentists with a different. Apart from being extremely hospitable, the dentists here are very good listeners who value their patients’ concerns and move forward with the treatment plans.

Their array of services include dental implants, dental crowns and bridges, teeth bleaching, full and partial dentures and all other forms of general dentistry. What makes gentle Dental Putney different from others is CEREC, the state-of-art- equipment that makes patient appointments faster and convenient both for the dentist and patients. This special system helps to digitally create restorations such as bridges and crowns for the patients.

Patients prioritize Gentle Dental Putney for any kind of dental surgeries and the key reason behind this is their sedation dentistry. For those who get anxious or nervous, the sedation dentistry offered by the brand is a very good option. Also, it is appropriate for anyone who requires extensive dental treatment and for all who have physical or cognitive limitations.
Apart from the above services, Gentle dental Putney offers the most modern ways of cosmetic dentistry. Their cosmetic dental treatments have helped numerous patients to attain beautiful smile that is very important to stay confident. Not to forget that the brand is acclaimed for its orthodontics. Dr Etienne Potgieter and his efficient team of dentists and assistants serve their patients with earnest care and respect. The brand also offers different packages for both families and corporate officials with attractive discounts and free consultation.

About the Company:
Gentle Dental Putney is a leading dental clinic in Putney specially credited for dental surgery. Dr Etienne Potgieter assisted by the team of doctors help the patients to attain maximum satisfaction in any kind of dental problem. In terms of pricing, the brand offers a wide range of affordable packages.
Dr Etienne Potgieter
Gentle Dentistry Care Limited
30A Putney Hill
SW15 6AF