NaturalFlow provides an alternative to septic tanks with their passive wastewater treatment system. Their products do not require electricity and harness the power of nature to treat wastewater.

[MAUNGATUROTO, 25/10/2018] – NaturalFlow is a New Zealand company that supplies wastewater and sewage treatment systems for rural homes. The company describes their treatment systems as ‘truly passive’, as they do not use electricity, visible operational parts or chemical reagents. While passive water treatment is typically utilised for storm water runoff and acid drainage seepage, NaturalFlow’s passive treatment is effective with blackwater.

Passive water systems superior to active counterparts

Septic tanks require pumping out to prevent a build-up of sludge. Active water systems often require electricity to elevate, treat and distribute wastewater. Since they have moving mechanical parts, this entails higher costs for installation and operation, more complex maintenance and a greater risk of damaged components.

NaturalFlow systems are able to treat water without producing noise. Because the product utilises vermiculture, no external energy or harmful chemicals are used. NaturalFlow treatment is also the choice for sites that are steep or inaccessible, making it highly versatile.

NaturalFlow’s Product Range

The following are the company’s waste water systems available for rural homeowners in New Zealand:

• NaturalFlow Series NF1500 – This product is commonly used for smaller homes and commercial sites. It can treat a total daily flow volume of 650 litres.
• NaturalFlow Series NF8000 – The NF8000 can accommodate larger homes and facilities to a partial-secondary treatment level. It can treat up to 2,000 litres of daily flow volume.
• NaturalFlow Series NF11000 – This system is used in three-to-eight bedroom homes and other larger facilities, and treats 2,000 litres of waste to a secondary treatment level.
• NaturalFlow Series NF12000 – Natural Flow’s largest wastewater system is capable of treating up to an advanced secondary treatment level.

All of NaturalFlow’s products adhere to the New Zealand Building Code, New Zealand Standards and regional soil and water regulations.

About NaturalFlow

NaturalFlow is an established New Zealand company that provides environmentally-conscious sewage and wastewater systems for residential and commercial applications in rural areas.
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