Data Trace Automation offers wide range of Omron Sensors Distributor in Chennai. We supplies complete range of Proximity Sensors, Inductive Senors,Cylindrical Indusctive sensors, Square Inductive Sensors, Capacitive sensors . Omron Proximity Sensor E2B Cylindrical Series Suppliers in Chennai with best prices compare to Omron Authorised Dealers in Chennai.
OMRON E2A Cylindrical Proximity Sensor:-
Safe Mounting with Greater Sensing Distance
Omron E2B Cylindrical Proximity Sensor Series:-
Perfect choice for standard environments
Omron E2K-C Long-distance type Capacitive Proximity Sensor:-
Long-distance Capacitive Sensor with Adjustable Sensitivity
Omron E2E Standard Cylindrical Proximity Sensor Series:-
Standard Sensors for Detecting Ferrous Metals under Standard Conditions.
Omron E2E Small-diameter Proximity Sensor:-
Ultra small size, but surprisingly easy installation!
Omron E2K-X Cylindrical Capacitive Proximity Sensor:-
General-purpose Threaded Capacitive Sensor