October 23, 2018

Atlanta, GA. Babies do love attention and some of the more creative babies have figured out the more often they drop their pacifier, the more attention they get. Some babies think it’s just fun to drop their pacifier. Pacifiers tend to get lost or dirty, and parents are left breathlessly searching for it when they are needed most.

All that time spent looking for lost pacifiers, and cleaning them to keep a baby happy and healthy, can be solved with a simple yet effective baby accessory – the new Tulamama Mom and Baby Approved Pacifier Clips.

“I knew we had to make a premium quality pacifier clip because there are so many unsafe and inferior quality clips on the market right now,” said Gioula Chelten, founder of Tulamama.com. “I used to be one of those parents who would buy pacifier clips that were too long, not realizing that they pose a safety hazard. Or I’d buy pacifier clips because they’re cute, then get home and realize that it doesn’t actually fit the pacifier.”

According to Chelten, their pacifier holders are safe, functional and universal, saying that “our pacifier clips complies 100% with baby safety standards and regulations in the USA and internationally. They are also reliable, strong, and adorable.”

A number of different colors are available that were selected by Tulamama customers. They are FDA-approved and work with all major pacifiers, including, but not limited to Mam, Avent Soothies, Nuk and Nuby pacifiers. These pacifier clips can also be used with teething rings, teething toys, baby blankets, and many other imaginative places to make mom’s life simpler.

The pacifier clips are BPA-free and come with a 100% money back guarantee.

For more information visit https://tulamama.com/shop/pacifier-clips.