United States 22-10-2018. When we think of ciders, the first flavor that comes to your mind is the much known Apple Cider. But other than the California’s apple cider, there are various other fruit extracts too that can be fermented and turned into hard ciders. Common Cider is one such California cider company that experiment with different flavors and brings you the choicest of flavors that will recharge you taste buds. Common Cider is well known for its hard apple cider along with the other flavors, like to name a few, blood orange tangerine, blackberry sangria, pineapple guava etc.

The flavors that will make you drool for then once you taste them. The United States is representing a good shift of beer drinker toward being cider drinker, not only because of the taste but because of the health benefits, a cider brings along with it. Ciders are becoming the first preference of the guzzlers who used to drink other rest of hard drinks before. The ciders by Common Cider are must to try if you are big time hard drink guzzlers not only for the sake of taste but for the sake of health benefits that cider offers.

Here at Common Cider, you will be amazed to see six different flavors in hard apple ciders made from the fermented apples. The ciders are really very tasty and can be consumed by anyone and anywhere. You can take it regularly or can consume on the special occasions just to enhance the joy. Common Cider has unique flavor for your different occasion so make sure you try the hard cider by America’s best apple cider brewery.

If you are really looking for the top rated ciders then make sure you prefer hard apple ciders by Common Cider. These ciders are available at the local stores also so you can avail it anywhere in America.

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