Inside India, every parent always wants that when their children get married then they should find their life partner as a good person. But in most cases it does not happen that what parents think like that

Therefore, in India, parents take the help of a private detective to know how their child is being married to him. His lifestyle, living standards, behaviour, Any addiction, involvement in any crime
Therefore, many things are done during the Pre or Post Matrimonial investigation

How is her character like a close relationship with someone?

There is any habit of drinking too much

How is she getting up and sitting with people

involvement in any crime

How is her behaviour

Whether it comes regularly home at night or not

There is gay relationship in any manner

financial crisis in any manner.

As the society progressed, a lot of social evils came in it too.That’s why many times during the investigation, it has been observed that these relationships also show that there are gay relationships in these children.
Which is a matter of great concern for the coming society.

We are Private Detectives, the demand for day-to-day inquiries is going on for marriage before the wedding

The reason is simply that the children’s movements are somewhat different in their home, some outside, who do not even know their own parents