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About Governance Consultation Canada:
Governance Consultation Canada is the number one corporate governance expert in Canada. He is also known globally for his significant contribution in working with CEOs and Boards. With his successful years in the industry, he already partnered with different clients such as BBVA Ban comer, City Financial, BMO, GOLDCORP, First Service, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Investprint, QUEBECOR Media Group, MDS Associates, R Rubicon Minerals Corporation, Western Coal, Strong co, as well as Weston George Weston Limited.
He offers the highest quality governance consultation Canada to help businesses to stay on the top of the competition. He provides the most effective corporate governance solutions to help individuals and organizations boost their brand in the industry. He values his good reputation with his clients, so he keeps on developing the essential strategies to reach the standards and expectations of his clients. Visit to book an appointment today.