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For many entrepreneurs their dream is starting a new venture overseas or expanding their company as a foreign entity. With a business plan and financing in place, a new company can get off to a good start. However, when it comes to sponsorship there are challenges that businesses need to tackle.

Groups that operate through GCC often have more than one sponsor. This leads to businesses overpaying too much on sponsorship fees. Creation Business Consultants can save businesses 50% on sponsorship fees. Whether it is small corporations or large multinationals, their restructuring advice and solutions will ensure that the client’s corporate presence across the UAE and wider GCC region is safeguarded.

Their goal is to consolidate and streamline group entities to improve corporate governance and Creation Business Consultants will assist any corporate group in multiple industries and sectors to achieve this goal.

Creation Business Consultants offer a complimentary restructure analysis at the convenience of their client which is guaranteed to showcase results. There are plenty of benefits to group corporate restructure that includes mitigating risks, providing strong control position and cost saving through consolidation.

Business consultants in Dubai have years of experience when it comes to helping businesses set-up new companies and restructure group entities. They have the expertise to ensure the company is registered and it gets a head start. There’s a range of complex structures and documentation not everyone is familiar with. A business consultancy, on the other hand, specializes in company formation and has an understanding of what it involves to ensure a smooth creation process.

A business consultancy is made up of experts and professionals who know how to collaborate with foreign companies, providing complete transparency while adhering to the required systems and protocols in place. They are reliable and trustworthy and innately familiar with company formation specifics. They know how to resolve potential conflict without taking too much of anyone’s time.

Scott Cairns Managing Director of Creation Business Consultants states that, “We have an extensive network that provides clients a wide range of services. And as one of the fastest growing and trusted partners in the GCC region, our goal is to provide our clients with integrated business solutions in order to establish their presence in the UAE”.

About Us
Creation Business Consultants helps entrepreneurs, small and medium size businesses and large corporations to restructure and expand your business in the Middle East region. We have an established relationship with Government departments to ensure our clients receive valuable and professional guidance. We have the expertise and experience to identify the right business structure that aligns with your business goals, identify areas of risk and opportunity, provide immigration solutions and select the correct business activities. For more information, visit our website on