Every Dosa lover dreams of eating crunchy, red-textured, tasty dosa and for that you need to look up for a south-indian restaurant because whenever you tried to make the perfect dosa it became a rocket-science for you. It rather becomes easy to eat in a restaurant than making it on your own. If you feel so then don’t worry becoz here is the article that can relieve you from all the stress. I will tell you some cool tricks that my mother ( the best chef in the whole world) has shared with me.

First of all you should have nice non-sticky tawa . this is the most important thing you need to focus on. Second you should be precise about the ratio of ingredients.

Third is the consistency of your batter and fourth is the perfect fermentation. Eight one is the super secret trick that makes the south-indian’s dosa taste like wow!!.

Now you may be wondering where are fifth, sixth and seventh and why i haven’t discuss it in detail. For that just click “here”. I have written all the secrets thoroughly on my website www.foodyblogger.in. Do visit my site.