Hello folks, I am Madhu and today in my post I am going to talk about the brand new bookmark manager Myfavs.in and its features which are helping me a lot to secure my bookmarks and access them with an ease.

I am fascinated with the features of the new bookmark manager – Myfavs.in. Definitely, being a tech geek I cannot imagine a world without bookmarks. I used to use a number of other bookmark managers but Myfavs.in has satisfied me with its amazing features. After using it I finally felt something new and pretty useful.

In my post, I am highlighting the awesome features of Myfavs.in

Landing page:
The first thing which caught my attention was its landing page where the headline “Save your favorite things you find on the internet in the smartest place”. I was really curious to know more about its smartest features, as I was struggling hard to save the important sites in an organized way. I must say it was almost in my routine to look for something where I can organize my sites for the future, which I have stopped now.

I created my account to Myfavs.in which is very simple (also can be logged in through google+, facebook, twitter, linkedin). Afterwards, I installed the Myfavs.in extension to my Chrome browser and one also can install the extension for the browser of choice. The Myfavs.in extension is supported to all browsers viz, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and It has applications for Android and iOS.

User-Friendly Platform:
I made some important categories and sub-categories of my choice to segregate my favorites like news, audios, videos, tools etc. From my huge collections, I can quickly access my important by rating it while bookmarking. I can also sort them according to date, year, alphabetically. Though my organized collections are secured in the private mode by default, I can share them by inviting someone or on social media by changing that particular bookmark into the public mode.

I can access my account from any device or computer as my bookmarks are being saved in the cloud. Within its application, Myfavs.in removes ads and other unwanted elements to avoid the annoyance of any kind and increase readability of the bookmarked sites. Another feature I loved the most is the bell icon which allows me to set a reminder if I want something to revisit later. I like the benefit of importing and exporting bookmarks.

The important aspects of the Myfavs.in are its ultimate benefits for users which are the following:
• Users can access the above mentioned for free although some other bookmark managers provide for a trial period of 7 to 14 days only; after that, the users are asked to upgrade the account.
• After logging into the account the users can see a message option through which they can reach out to the CEO in case of any issue or any feedback to receive an immediate response.

In a nutshell, I am pretty sure to say that I am enjoying the Myfavs.in features and couldn’t stop me from passing it on.

Visit Website @ https://myfavs.in/