The wedding tiara( carries a significance that oversteps the bounds of contemporary Western culture. So the next time you think about wearing your tiara, be proud and remember that you’re literally carrying thousands of years of history on your head!

The bridal tiara( traditionally refers to the ancient headdresses or high crowns that were used by the kings and emperors of Mesopotamia. The Assyrians used them with a pair of bull horns to signify authority and feathers at the top. Not exactly modern wedding material but definitely impressive! The Persian tiara looked more like a truncated cone. Not with horns and feathers this time but with several pieces of jewelry and a conic-shaped tip at the top.

The Roman Catholic Church has also made wonderful use of tiaras. The papacy has used tiaras as symbols of their authority. The papal tiara is a high cap surrounded by three crowns and bearing a globe surmounted by a cross.

But now in most Western cultures the tiara has ceased to become a symbol for authority but rather an item for adornment. Beauty pageant winners are usually crowned with tiaras. It is also worn by women as a circlet on very formal engagements that they have to attend. Nowadays even weddings feature a tiara (which is where you come in) as part of the entire wedding attire.

Although tiaras aren’t the symbols of rank and royalty that they once were, it doesn’t mean that you can’t rule over your own wedding with a stunning tiara.