Choosing the right wedding tiara ( your wedding day is important. Seeing your flower girl walk down the aisle with a big hairdo, a cute dress and the perfect tiara as the crowning touch is unbeatable!

It is important not to focus on the look of just the gown or dress, the hairdo, or the tiara but to tie it all into the overall look.

Ensure that the colors of the jeweled headdress don’t clash and perpetually attempt to match them with all the jewelry and pearls being worn. If the girl’s dress is kind of elaborate and has adorned patterns and plenty of detail an identical jeweled headdress with pearls and perhaps crystals can match it well. If the dress is a lot of straight and clean, a less complicated jeweled headdress can live up to and compliment the design. If you do not understand specifically what to choose bear in mind a rock crystal jeweled headdress can come with virtually any dress. embrace a lot of completely different coloured pearls in your jeweled headdress if you’ve got associate ivory or creamy colored dress to mix in easier and scale back the distinction.

If the flower-girl encompasses a hairstyle that’s a feature, a headscarf jeweled headdress is also a lot of acceptable on the mix in and not overshadow the hair, rather compliment it. Its usually unnoticed, but it’s price pondering what the floral arrangements appear as if conjointly. Blending in with these flowers is an added bonus! If the floral arrangements are bright, go bright with the tiara.

Which bouquet she holds can be a certain giveaway.

Is the bridal tiara( the right shape?

Choosing the right tiara for the shape of the face is also important. A long face can be balanced out with a slightly wider tiara to give it more proportion. Beads and other features also help. Try a few designs to get the right look and cuteness factor!