3D Jewellery Printer has revolutionized jewellery manufacturing. This evolution, which has transformed the manufacturing process is an interesting stuff to explore. Just like any other printer which images the digital file, it is designed to do the same for casting wax molds for jewellery.

Let us dig this in deep.

All about 3D Jewellery Printer
3D Jewellery Printing Machine is basically designed to cast molds on which jewellery can be designed further. It is a brilliant replacement of the traditional procedure of jewellery making. The simplest definition of a 3D printer for jewellery could be: “The Machinery which converts a digital file into a physical mold which is then used to design jewellery” The essential and supporting elements of a 3D printer are resin and tray. One achieves the quality of molds depending on the quality of resin used for casting.

How does a 3D Printer for Jewellery work?
The principle of casting since the mankind started modeling structures used to be making a pattern and then pouring the metal into it. It then takes the shape of the mold. Generally, sand was utilized for preparing the molds as it has the capability to behold stresses and shrinks to the minimum. However, there are varieties in casting.

Another kind of casting (which is used for jewellery, especially) is lost wax process. Easily guessable by the name, the wax is lost in the process as it melts and the metal takes the shape of the wax pattern.

For instance, if you want to cast a 3D printed ring, the process will be as follows:
 A raw design for jewellery is prepared first either on paper or digitally. This is then fed into the system as CAD file which will be used as input for 3D printing.
 3D printer then converts this file into a realistic model which is printed using Castable resin.
When the design is printed, it consists of supporting elements for precision in printing, which is then removed in this third step. Well, 3D Printing Service is also known as RPT/CAM Service in the jewellery manufacturing industry.

Benefits of a Jewellery 3D Printer Making the jewellery manufacturing process feel like a breeze, the 3D Printer is all about feasibility, affordability and time-saving capability.

You’ll want to install one in your manufacturing unit due to its impressive benefits like:
 Casting Complex Designs Smoothly
 Allows Jewellery Designers to utilize creativity
 Prepares jewellery in comparatively less time
 Cuts down costs i.e making charges
 Accuracy and Precision are inherited in all designs

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