Check the wedding tiara( for any damages or scratches. Prior to purchasing or accepting the delivered tiara, the bride should have made sure that there were no missing, deformed or broken parts. As the tiara is normally worn on top of the bride’s head, this makes it less vulnerable to any scratches.

There are several techniques which can be used to preserve the tiara, depending on the materials used to make the accessory and the bride’s budget. The best way is to obtain the services of a professional jeweler. This is important especially in dealing with an heirloom. However, brides should expect to pay a significant amount for the maintenance using this option. Inquire with the jeweler on how to best store the accessory and if there are any additional preservation processes that can be done.

Another option is doing the cleaning yourself. Great care should be taken in order not to induce any damage to the accessory. Brides are advised to clean the bridal tiara immediately after the wedding festivities are over. This is especially true with using lots hairspray to style the bride’s hair. Some brands of hairspray have been known to affect the luster of a bridal tiara if not dealt with accordingly. The chemicals contained in the hairspray or other hair product can damage the metals and gems used to make the wedding tiara.

It is easy to find cleaners and accessories on the market. Purchase cleaning solutions, a jeweler’s cloth and soft brushes for removing any dirt. To remove any hairspray build up, dilute the vinegar with water and apply it gently on the wedding tiara.

Afterward, rinse the tiara with water. Remove any remaining moisture from the bridal tiara using a clean piece of cloth and leave it to air dry. For faster results, use a hair dryer on its lowest settings.

Most bridal hair crown( come with a box or case that is used to store the accessory. Never store the tiara along with other accessories. Pearl tiaras are the most fragile materials and the most vulnerable to damage. Any jewelry that contains metals or gemstones that rub against the pearls can easily damage the tiara. Make sure that there are silica gels included with the box. This will prevent any mildew or rust from forming while the bridal tiara is in storage.