Hebei Province, China (October 20, 2018) – Most manufacturing units dealing with metals very well know that heat treatment is a process that can make the metal more durable and harder. It is the process, where the metal is heated and then cooled to change the mechanical and physical properties. Most manufacturing units know that the discovery of heat treatment has made life more efficient. But, they need the right induction heat treatment equipment to carry out this task. This is where they can get the dependable help from Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory, shortly called as Forever.

Not just for induction heat treatment, manufacturing units looking for a long bar heat treatment machine can rely on this company. The important reason that the company says for selecting them is that they have 12 years of experience in designing and in producing an induction heating system. The company had been a leading supplier of induction heating equipment in China.

For the pipe induction heat treatment furnace and other such units manufactured by Forever, they follow the high degree of automation to ensure perfection in their output. They use automatic control system, discharging device, feeder and even automatic precious temperature control. All these things help them in the manufacture of the best machines for heat treatment. The company uses Parallel and Series Resonant Intelligent Control Technology of Intellectual property rights. This has helped them ranked as the leading international and domestic pioneer position in their domain.

Forever offers a customized solution to their customers. The company knows that one customer looking for an induction heat treatment furnace will have a different requirement as compared to another customer looking for the same equipment. Here, the specifications vary. So, based on the needs of each customer, the company is ready to design the appropriate heat treatment solution.

Be it long bar induction heat treatment machine or any other type of heat treatment machine, the company makes sure that reliable components are used in the manufacture. Their job does not stop with selling the heat treatment equipment, the company is known for the best after-sale support as well. They offer a 12-month quality guarantee and even free spare parts replacement for this period. They assure troubleshooting within a single day for local customers.

Right from the inception, Forever has been improving their operations and quality control standards. It is because of this commitment towards quality, the company has gained a great reputation and improvement in the field of their operation.

About Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory:
Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory completed the initial domestic mining grinding rod hardening. Even, it was established as the tempering unit. In the year 2018, the company finished the initial domestic 7500 KW billet induction heating system used for rebar rolling. They did it for steel rebars hot rolling mainly.

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