Dartford and Welling, Kent – All cars in the UK that are 3 years and older are required to go through the Ministry of Transport (MoT) testing to ensure they are still in excellent driving condition. If a car fails the test and is caught driving on the road, the vehicle’s owner will receive a hefty fine for non-compliance.

To make it easier for the residents in Kent, garages like Claremont Motors offer several services that will address just about any issues their vehicles may have before the official MoT testing.

“We have to very convenient and easy to reach branches in the area, one in Dartford and one located in Welling. Both of these branches offer an extensive range of car services,” explains one of the representatives of the Garages in Kent.

All types of car servicing and maintenance are offered by the company. “We proudly have trained mechanics who can address all vehicle troubles such as air conditioning servicing, brake testing, clutch testing, and replacement when needed, and free tyre checks to determine if the set needs replacing,” the staff enumerates their many services that are available in both of their branches.

Full Diagnostic For £40 When Booked Online

However, there is one service that makes these garages in Kent stand out from all others: MOT Welling testing. “Scheduling a full diagnostic test at the garage is affordable because it only costs £40 when the test is booked online,” says the spokesperson as they are giving more details about the testing.

An authorised government agent who works for VOSA or the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency conducts a thorough inspection.

Every part of the vehicle, internal and external will be examined and the results will either be a pass or a VT20 or a fail which is known as a VT30. During the examination, the agent will mark parts that have not fully failed but require attention as “advisory items” to ensure you keep a close eye on these parts and get them serviced by professionals as soon as possible.

The MOT Welling test is required every 12 months and it is your responsibility as an owner to keep your status updated. Police are now able to scan licenses on the road to determine if the vehicle has passed the test or not, making it difficult to get away with.

Potential Savings Of As Much As 65 Percent

“Instead of risking a fee or an arrest due to failing the MoT test, it is best to book a service at our garage,” says the representative of Claremont Motors.

Booking a full service to ensure your vehicle passes the test is very easy with our online portal. Plus, car owners can save as much as 65% on all services.

“I have always turned to the helpful and trusted mechanics of Claremont Motors for all of my vehicle servicing needs. It was the best choice because I have yet to fail a MoT test!” The words from a happy and loyal customer.

If you need some help fixing your car, the team of mechanics and experts at Claremont Motors is always ready to help. Visit http://www.claremontmotors.co.uk/ today.