There are many forms of ornaments from brooches to bouquets to bridal hair clip( to bracelets. Most dresses do not come with any ornament at all so the couple will have to make their own arrangements for them. They may need to buy individual pieces of items and adorn the dress with them. This places the couple in a very tricky situation as the accessories are not originally part of the dress. You need to buy the right accessories, the right color and the right design to be able to achieve a harmonious effect.

Before you commit yourself to any purchase, make sure that the accessory will blend with the type of dress you will be wearing. Formal gowns will require long, flowing veils whilst casual beach weddings will make do with short ones. Again do not buy accessories that are too flamboyant else they will take away the glamour and beauty of the main wedding dress. If you will be having great hairdo, you will not need to buy a flamboyant veil so that the hair can be visible. Again, buy your shoes with care. The fabric and the color should fit your theme. White or ivory nylon shoes best go with the formal or traditional wedding.

The bridal wear should be bought way ahead of wedding hair clip( The accessories serve as ornaments to the dress and help enhance its look so they should be bought only after you have got the dress. Care should be taken so that the dress is not over accessorized else it may take out its beauty and render it awkward. If possible, each accessory should be partially placed on the dress to determine suitability. This way, the couple will not incur any disappointment on the final day when there could be surprises about incompatible products. Most especially, the couple will need to plan the purchase of the dress with the accessories so that neither looks out of place.