These usually have shiny jewels, a mix of ribbons, or a spread of flowers in numerous colors. The magnificence that hair combs increase your apparel may be a look that’s unchanged.

These engaging hair adornments will be worn by all ages of the marriage party from the flower women to the bride. generally, the bride can choose wedding hair combs over sporting a bridal veil.

Also, brides like to use the combs to stay their hair elegant trying throughout the reception, rather than hassling with the veil and taking the possibility of damaging it.

The hairpins can even be a part of the bride’s veil, to connect it onto the hair to feature a pleasant ornamental bit.

A wedding planner will even use the combs as a part of the marriage theme. they will be created gifts of for the flower women, bridesmaids and maid of honor for your wedding retinue.

A lot of those wedding hair combs( area unit elaborately designed with the bottom of them made of metal, plastic, wood, bone associate degreed even an ivory or a jade. of these materials will be fine by themselves while not extra decorations.

If you decide on to feature alternative adornments to the combs you’re attending to wear then you’ll like some floral wire, ribbons, flowers, pliers, jewels or alternative bling things, and also the hot glue gun and sticks. It solely takes a small amount of energy, patience, and time to form plain combs into ornate bridal hair combs( to feature to your wedding look.

You can have a celebration with all the ladies in your wedding retinue and build a celebration out of decorating the marriage hair combs. this may make a fun time and terrific reminiscences.